Jill's Art Club for Non-Artists Startup

I'm dreaming of hosting/leading an art club where members discover and reconnect to their creative side for the pleasure of relaxation, meditation, and enjoying the company of others. Each week, we use an art medium (paints, inks, chalks) to relax and let our mind unwind and wander. This club is not an art class. It's a sanctuary for creative exploration, a place to gather and jump over the edge of our limited expectations.
The mission is to bring people together to relax, learn something about themselves or someone else, make friends, and most importantly, have fun through art.
As we grow as a group, we could go on field trips to galleries and art shops. We could invite local artists to teach us what they love to do and share their journey. The possibilities and opportunities are ours for the taking.
If this sounds like a club you can get behind, then I would thoroughly appreciate your financial support to turn this daydream into a reality.

Check out the preset tiers of support on my Patreon Page; feel free to throw any amount into the hat either as a one-time contribution or recurring monthly support.

If you have any suggestions or questions, email me directly at Jill@jillmckeever.com. That's the email address I read first.

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