Jill's Art Shop

Jill McKeever has taken a break from instructional cooking videos until further notice. She is currently coping with the ups and downs of perimenopause. Perimenopause is different for every woman. For some, it's no big deal. For others, it can turn a woman's life upside down, emotions run high or not at all, forgetfulness, easily distracted, anxiety, depression, physical changes, cycle changes, a feeling of loss of beauty/youth, feeling straight-up CRAZY and out of control. It's a time of feeling desperate to hang on to what one knows and letting go to embrace a new chapter of life.

Diving into daily art projects is keeping Jill calm, joyful, focused, and productive. Art is saving her life, her joy, and the connection to her family. Art is her hormone therapy of choice. Keep Jill going by purchasing her art. All proceeds go to restock art supplies, materials and pay the bills.