1. Direct Person-to-Person

Tap the yellow donate button to setup a one-time, or a re-occurring monthly donation through PayPal. It's easy, safe, and affordable for us both. Start, go up, go down, stop, and start up again when it's good for you. I can work with any donation amount, so long as they keep coming my way.  

1a. By Mail

It has been brought to my attention, some folks prefer supporting me offline. If you're in this camp, Awesome! I accept checks from U.S. banks. My mailing address is 11913 Millwright Pkwy, Austin, TX 78750.
This is a private residence. Do not attempt to drop by for a visit. Just saying it now. Be cool. 

2.  A Fast, Fun 
Make a purchase on JillMcKeever.com.  The net revenue from the sales of cookbook PDFs, recipes, foodie charms/earrings, and art gift commissions, reaches me in three days. Cookbook orders are filled immediately. Hand crafted works are created within 1-2 weeks, and shipped via USPS Ground Advantage (3 days).
Bookmark JillMcKeever.com for handy cookbooks and unique, personal gifts for yourself and your favorite people. 

3. Watch my YouTube videos all the way through to their end, and watch them over and over. 
This way of support is absolutely free for you. Allow me to explain how YouTube works on the backside to pay YouTubers.

     Every month, Youtube counts the minutes people (subscribers and non-subscribers) watch my videos. No matter if people watch the first two minutes or the entire length of the video, Youtube counts ONLY the time watched.
(For example, say you tap on a 10-minute long YouTube video, watch 3 minutes of it, and click away. YouTube counts those 3 minutes as watched minutes.) 
Then YouTube collects the minutes into "Watched Hours", multiplies the "Watched Hour" figure by 11-cents, (Yep, eleven cents per hour) to calculate the estimated earnings that will be paid out to the channel owner 60-days later. 
Sounds depressing doesn't it?

YET YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT ME THIS WAY, especially if you are not in the financial comfort zone to use the other ways. I have worked this out for both of to win. Here's what you do:

  1. During a time when you aren't using your laptop or a device, such as when you're showering, taking the trash out, switching over laundry, you get the idea...plug your device up to its charger.
  2. Go to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JillMcKeever
    Select one of my Playlist on the front of the channel and tap on Play All.
  3. Let the Playlist play all the videos on that list while you're doing other stuff. You don't have to watch or listen to them, just leave the Watching Meter  run and run, until you need to use that device. This free action on your part  will help me financially and help my channel attract more people to watching my videos. Do this as often as you think about it. I will forever be grateful.


That's it! Three ways to keep me going, keep me working and creating.
Thank you from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. 

Jill McKeever