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About Jill McKeever's Studio

Jill McKeever's Studio is a home-based small business that offers a casual environment to explore arts and crafts supplies, boost your creative confidence, and HAVE FUN!

Look over the Jill McKeever Studio Calendar, add a class to your shopping cart, pick as many classes as your heart desires, then check out. You are reserving a seat at the crafting table. After check out, you’ll receive a confirmation email; save it and have it ready to present it when you come to the studio.

Questions That May Cross Your Mind

Where is the studio?
11913 Millwright Pkwy, Austin, TX 78750

How do I reach Jill most easily?

Where do I park? 
There is plenty of public street parking along both sides of Millwright Pkwy. Please do not block driveways, mailboxes, or fire hydrants. 

Where’s the studio entrance?
The studio entrance is around the back of the house. Follow the signs in the driveway. PLEASE do not knock on the front door or ring the doorbell, so as not to disturb the working family inside.

What if I’m going to be late?
The class waits for no one. If you arrive 10 minutes late, please do not ask the instructor or other participants to catch you up. If you pull up more than 15 minutes past the start time, do not bother entering the studio and interrupting the group. Out of respect for everyone’s time and the studio schedule, this is best to provide a positive experience for everyone.

Can I bring food/drinks into the studio?
Water bottles and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. Snacks are allowed; however, you will be asked to eat them after the session has ended. Crinkling bags and food aromas can be an unwanted distraction to those trying to focus or maintain a creative state of mind. 

What if I need to cancel a class I've already purchased?
Email to let us know you need to cancel at least 48 hours before the session date. We can offer a class refund minus the processing fee from the bank, or transfer you to another date.

If you cancel within 48 hours of a class, we will not provide a refund or credit; however, you can send someone in your place. 

Small print moment here: Refunds come with a service charge deducted by the banking processor that results in a less-than-full refund to the buyer. That's the way the banks do it. It's on them. We don't like it anymore than you do.