"Finding Balance" 8x10 Hand-Painted, Original Ink Painting

"Finding Balance" 8x10 Hand-Painted, Original Ink Painting

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Hand-painted, original, alcohol ink painting by Jill Ann McKeever

Dimensions: 8x10 inches

The artist used vibrant earth tones to create this harmonious piece for your viewing pleasure. Use this art to enrich your environment, ignite your imagination, or as a focal point for meditation.

Buy this unframed original painting for your creative health and its genuine beauty, or give it as a great gift. 

All pieces in this series are created individually and all have unique differences.

Signed on the back.

Dimensions: 8x10 inches
Artist: Jill Ann McKeever
Date created: August 2019
Medium: Alcohol Ink on panel board sealed with a non-yellowing varnish.

Special note: An alcohol ink painting should not be displayed in direct sunlight as it may cause the piece to fade over time.