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Jill McKeever

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FuckitBucket Art Can

FuckitBucket Art Can

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First, fill it with your favorite chocolates, candy, and CBD suckers. 

Then, when you're ready to throw in the towel,

When you're tired of banging your head against an creative block,

Whenever you foopin feel like it,

reach into your FuckitBucket Art Can.

Buy one for yourself and every hardworking person you know. 

All FuckitBucket Art Cans are handmade, handpainted, and created to last for years of badassory. Colors wills vary; the sentiment is forever. 

*Chocolates, candy, and CBD suckers not included with order.


🌿🌿🌿Art cans are created from recycled food cans and art supplies to reduce landfill waste and beautify our environment. 

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