Handpainted Happy Pumpkin Cards
Handpainted Happy Pumpkin Cards

Handpainted Happy Pumpkin Cards

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Hello friends, 

I hope this post finds you well.  I just finished painting and constructing several batches of what I’m calling, Happy Pumpkin Cards.  These days, we could all use a word of encouragement, a love note, or just to know someone out there is thinking of us. Am I right? 😄

I’m hoping you adore these cards and could use them to supercharge someone’s joy and happiness. 

So, here’s the details about the Happy Pumpkin Cards.

  • Each card was handpainted with watercolor paint on high-quality art paper, then cut and adhered to thick cardstock. 

  • Each card has been signed by me, the artist, on the front and back. 

  • No two cards are alike.
    You’re sending your friends and love ones unique art that’s been happily painted with all my heart.

  • Card dimensions: 5.5” x 4.25” 

  • Sold as a set of four blank cards with four envelopes.