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How to Host Fun, Unforgettable Plant-based Potlucks & Movie Parties

How to Host Fun, Unforgettable Plant-based Potlucks & Movie Parties

The very idea of hosting a plant-based potluck or movie party is both exciting and scary.  

The joy and energy that comes with living plant-based surges through you. Transitioning to the lifestyle has been the best decision you've made in years, and you want everyone you meet to jump on board with you. However, you're not a nutrition scientist or someone in the medical profession. You haven't lost all the weight you wanted to drop, and you haven't even begun training for your first marathon. You haven't read all the plant-based health books. And before you go telling other people how to live plant-based, you're wondering if you should sign up for a plant-based nutrition certification program first so you can answer every plant-based question correctly. Am I hitting close to home?

I want to let you in on a little secret.

Being an inspiration to others has nothing to do with being the smartest or the fittest person in the room. It's your joy and energy, your story of change from hot mess to better days that gets people's attention. Your story of why and how you went plant-based, and what that change did for you is the most potent, motivational tool for changing lives. It's all you need to spread the health.

Use How to Host Fun, Unforgettable Plant-based Potlucks & Movie Parties as your personal party checklist to planning your first plant-based event. If you're already a seasoned host to the plant-based movement, download the guide to encourage plant-based newbies to plan their first event.  Sing with me "It's the circle of life..."


Share, Celebrate, Inspire!
Hosting A Plant-based Movie Party
Hosting A Plant-based Potluck With A Speaker
How Long Should The Party Go On?
Who Should I Invite?
Announce Your Event
Menu Planning
Planning For The After-movie Conversation
Frequently Asked Questions From Guests
Recommended Reading
Recommended Websites
Plant-Based Lifestyle Support


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