Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership
Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership
Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership
Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership
Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership
Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership

Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership

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Hello, Jill McKeever here. 👩🏻‍🎨  Thank you for clicking on this page to find out what the heck the Mystery Art for Patrons Club is all about. You’re curious and not afraid to discover new things. You’re my kind of spirit.

A lot of people have written asking me to create a way for them to support my art journey directly. “Seriously? That’s AWESOME. I’ll get right on it.” I replied to them. Then I jumped for joy and thanked God for these kind souls.

Now I’ll be honest, I feel a little weird about accepting donations without giving something in return. So, I’m hosting a mystery art club where anyone can join and receive art in their mailbox. 

Once a month, Mystery Art Patrons receive an original, hand painted artwork as a thank you gift for their membership. Patrons choose the length of their membership, (see membership list below), pay the membership in full at checkout, then wait in excitement for their artwork to arrive via First-class mail from USPS. 
If you are reading this from outside the United States, email me before joining. You know how international shipping prices take their bite, so let’s talk first. 

As a late-budding artist, I want to explore and practice everyday with vibrant artist-grade paints, sturdy papers, and well-made tools.  

Art mediums will definitely be a mystery, because I LOVE to play, blend, and explore with watercolor paints, gouache paints, acrylic paints, archival inks, pigment inks, alcohol inks, India inks, and gel inks.  

My best pieces happen when I’m painting on premium-quality watercolor papers. Favorite paper makers are Fabriano (Italian made, watercolor, hot press, 140 lb.), Arches (watercolor, hot pressed and cold pressed, 300 lb.), and believe or not, Hobby Lobby’s Master’s Touch Premium (cold pressed, acid-free, 140 lb.).

As for the subject matter of my art, well, it’s not a mystery to anyone following me on Instagram and Facebook that I gravitate towards fruits, flowers, landscapes, and abstracts. If you follow me, you already have a pretty fair idea of what to expect.

Artwork dimensions will either be 4- x-6-inches or 5-x 7-inches. I like to work with traditional photography dimensions to make it easier when shopping for mattes and frames. 

 I’m genuinely excited to see how this club will evolve.  With every painting, every purpose-filled creation, I’ll grow into a more confident artist ready to accept opportunities as they come along.  The awesome community of patrons will be witness first hand of this journey of growth and exploration. Not to mention all the colorful art they’ll have brightening their homes and their friend’s homes. Now I’ve got you thinking of turning future mystery art into gifts for loved ones.  😇 You’ve read this far, so I’m guessing you’re naturally a generous and kind person. 

Alright, let’s get to the Mystery Art for Patrons Club Membership list:

1-month Membership $15.00 USD

3-month Membership $45.00 USD

6-month Membership $85.00 USD

12-month Membership $165.00 USD

Use the drop-down menu to select membership length. 

The Mystery Art for Patrons Club opens August 1, 2020. Artwork for each month will be mailed on the 30th of that month. If a patron joins the club in the last week or on the 30th of the month, then I’ll count their membership to begin the following month.
It’s only me in the studio, painting, sealing envelopes, and running to the post office. Please do not expect Amazon level turn around from me. 🥴 I’m making the art by hand, not machine.

I just thought “What if they don’t like the art and want their money back? What if they want to leave the club?“ That’s cool with me. My heart will sink a little but I’ll be cool and refund the number of months we haven’t lived through.
If you email me directly (, anytime of the month before the 30th of that month when I mail out art,  requesting a refund and to leave the club, I will refund the following months membership fees.  That’s fair for both of us. 

I hope all this makes sense and you’ll be joining the club.  I don’t know what opportunities lie ahead but I hope you’ll have fun and be inspired on the evolution of the club.

Now, go choose your Mystery Art for Patrons Club membership! 
I’ll be hanging out on Instagram posting art, in case you want to chat or send me a quick message
Email me directly for serious questions at