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Jill McKeever

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OMGee Good! Soy Curls™ Recipes Vol. 1 (Signed Paperback)

OMGee Good! Soy Curls™ Recipes Vol. 1 (Signed Paperback)

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LIMITED STOCK Buy this paperback directly from Jill McKeever and she will inscribe it with a positive note. 

Jill McKeever launched the first Soy Curls™ cookbook series, OMGee Good! Soy Curls™ Recipes, Volume 1, 2, and 3.

Lure your family and friends to the plant-side. Get more familiar with Soy Curls and looking for new recipes using this excellent, heart-healthy meat alternative Jill wrote these cookbooks for you. 
Thousands of followers look to Jill McKeever and her recipes to take the stress out of plant-based cooking for the whole family. In OMGee Good! Soy Curls™ Recipes, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, Jill shares a total of 90 recipes covering main dishes, casseroles, soups, chilis, salads, jerky, sandwiches, make-ahead recipes, and spice blends. 
Wow your family with out-of-this-world tamales, vegan chorizo, and vegan Italian sausage. Satisfy your cravings for shredded barbecue sandwiches. McKeever takes Soy Curls™ to the next level!

In addition to all the deliciousness, she offers recipes from many cultures--Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Cajun. Her section on condiments, spice blends, and bonus bits includes barbecue sauces and rubs that would make a grillmaster wanna slap his momma.  
Purchase all three volumes of OMGee Good! Soy Curls™ Recipes today. Cook the meals that will keep your family happy on their plant-based journey. Parade new-old classics at potlucks and dinner parties to show off the bounty of flavors that come with living a plant-based lifestyle. 
Creamy Alfredo 
Indian Butter Soy Curls Hold the Butter 
Korean Bibimbap 
OMGee Good! Meatloaf 
OMGee Good! Sloppy Jill Sandwiches 
Quick Soy Curls Tacos 
Soy Curls Verde Enchiladas 
Quick Cabbage Rolls in the Instant Pot 
Hot Pepper Soy Curls with Rice Noodles 
Kid-Friendly Curry with Coconut Milk 
Orange Soy Curls 
Sam’s Taco Crumbles Crispy Potato Tacos 
Sesame-Peanut Noodles and Soy Curls 
Teriyaki Soy Curls 
Memaw’s Veggie Stew 
Picky Eater’s Noodle Soup 
Roasted Butternut Stew 
Veggie Pho with Soy Curls 
Breakfast Sausage Crumbles 
Garlic Soy Curls 
Make Ahead Meatballs 
Jill’s Classic Barbecue Rub 
Righteous Soy Curls 
Barbecue Curls, Kale and Quinoa 
Grilled Lemon Herb Curls Salad 
Ginger Soy Curls Salad 
Indoor Smoked Curls Salad 
Loaded Taco Bowl 
Fat-Free Salad Oil Substitute 
Sweet and Smoky Barbecue Sauce 
Ranch-Style Seasoning

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