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Peach Gal Chalkware

Peach Gal Chalkware

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Beautiful chalkware piece for any home decor. She looks like she's made of wood. Comes in two colors, both varnished with a satin finish.

Recreated from my vintage chalkware collection.
Handmade and signed from the artist.



Made with ceramic plaster.
Wall hanger was embedded during casting to insure a secure hold.
Painted with professional-grade acrylic paints.
Sealed with poly-coat varnish for a superior satin finish to last for years.


5.5 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches

weighs 5 ounces

Carefully Wrapped in Recycled Materials

Artwork is carefully wrapped, packed, and shipped with reused, lightweight shipping materials to reduce waste in our landfills.

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