About Jill McKeever

Jill McKeever is a friendly, creative person who offers instruction, guidance, and encouragement to thousands through their lifestyle changes.

Since 2007, she has authored seventeen cookbooks and produced over 600 videos on her YouTube channel, Jill McKeever. In 2019, she began a new chapter in her personal life; she learned to use art to weather through the storms of depression, stress, and anxiety. The life she knew was falling apart with the onset of menopause and a marriage nearing divorce. Exploring art techniques, art mediums, crafts, up-cycling projects, any project that involved using her hands, saved her life. 

These days, she has turned her professional focus to attracting non-artists who are looking for healthy ways to have fun and relax. She excited to encourage non-artists and unrealized artists to take up any kind of arts and crafts as a journey to peaceful self-discovery and empowering confidence.

Her superpower is using honesty, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor, to guide people from a place of feeling stuck and lost, to a journey of moving forward with a sense of relief, confidence and joy. 

If you have questions for Jill, feel free to use the Contact Jill form to reach her.