About Jill McKeever

New Jill...
From now until checkout, Jill McKeever creates art and handcrafts from her studio in Austin, Texas to sell online.  Her autographed paperback books, and digital plant-based, oil-free cookbooks are forever available here as well.  

Old Jill...
Jill McKeever is a cooking instructor, author, plant-based lifestyle coach, and all around positive infusion of energy. In 2011, she watched the film, Forks Over Knives and decided she was not going to grow old being fat, sick, and medicated. She transitioned to a plant-based diet, dropped 30 pounds, and regained the energy to take care of her family and online career. With her new, healthy lifestyle, Jill transformed right in front of her online followers. Today, she inspires and guides thousands of people seeking to transition to the plant-based way of life.
She fell in love with cooking in 8th grade’s Home Economics class. In 2013, she earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. In 2016, she broadened her education in health and wellness coaching from Wellcoaches Core Coach Training. 

Look up her YouTube channel, Jill McKeever. She produces positive, fun, live streams and cooking videos every week. When she’s not filming, she’s developing and writing the next useful cookbook her friendly community wants to read. Jill coaches those ready to transition to a plant-based diet, as well as, guide them to create sustainable, healthy habits that lead to accomplishing their lifestyle goals.

On a more personal note, Jill and her husband, Charlie, have been married for 23+ years. They have two creative and funny teenagers, and the sweetest Shih-Tzu dog. The whole family went plant-based in 2011, well, except the dog. (They don’t judge.) All Texas born and raised, they reside in Austin, Texas.

Books by Jill McKeever
OMGee Good Instant Pot Meals, Plant-Based & Oil-Free
OMGee Good Soy Curls Recipes, Volume 1, 2, 3
OMGee Good Soy Yogurt and Yogurt Recipes
Jillicious Oil-Free Baking
Cilantro 7 Ways from Saturday
Jill's Marinades for Soy Curls & Soy Curls Jerky
Jill's Plant-Based Thanksgiving
OMGee Good Brunch Recipes
OMGee Good Vegan Cheese Recipes
OMGee Good Holiday Rolls
OMGee Good Oil-Free Dressings & Sauces

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SimpleDailyRecipes
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