Jill's Marinades for Soy Curls and Soy Curls Jerky

$ 6.99

Chances are if you’re considering buying this downloadable cookbook, you’re familiar with soy curls. In my opinion, soy curls have been Heaven sent for those plant-based folks who are cooking for families not yet converted to the plant-based lifestyle. Soy curls do such a great job replacing the texture of meat. We can get out our old favorite soup, stew and casserole recipes and make them again!

In this downloadable cookbook, you’ll find a great start to the delicious world of marinating soy curls. I’ve included a helpful Soy Curls 101 guide covering the best ways to store, prepare and cook curls. After that, you have five awesome marinades, five finger-licking rubs, one fat-free salad oil substitute recipe, and two of my favorite soy curls recipe (Jill’s Smoky Fajita Curls and Soy Curls Jerky).

I’m so excited for you to give all the recipes a try. Whether you cook the marinated soy curls in a pan, oven, slow cooker, pressure cooker, or grill, your meals are going to rock!

Keep me posted as you cook your way through these recipes. Tag me when you post pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My online handle is @jillmckeever. Also, include the hashtag #soycurls to show your enthusiasm to the makers of soy curls at Butler Foods.

To watch and learn more about cooking soy curls, go to the following link: https://youtu.be/JZXQmj3OU1c

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and patronage. 


Jill McKeever



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